Base Contact Manager

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Whether you run a small business, mid-market or enterprise sales team, Base will make you and your team 10x more productive.

Take Control of Your Sales Pipeline

Working your sales pipeline has never been easier. Customize sales stages and enjoy an easy drag-and-drop interface. Invite your team to work with you on current opportunities and share deals, contacts, notes and tasks. Learn more.

Drag and Drop Sales Pipeline in Base

Manage Your Customers

You worked hard to build a relationship with your customer and you want to keep that relationship solid. Base stores all call records, call recordings, notes and emails between your company and the customer on one single card. Learn more.

Contact Management in Base CRM

Take Base Everywhere

Your CRM should be ubiquitous. The days of waiting to get back to the office to update your CRM are over. No matter where you go, Base is along for the ride. Access Base using dedicated, native mobile CRM apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to complement the robust web application. Learn more.

Base CRM for Android

Sales Reports Made Easy

Out of the box visual sales reports give you immediate access to the insights you need to run your business. Learn more.

Sales Reports - Total Sales Report

Sales Reports - Deal Source Report

Track and Sort Email Automatically

Base keeps track of your emails by scanning your inbox to look for any communication that matches your Base contacts. Any time you exchange email with a Base contact, whether you’re working in Base or in your own email client, Base will attach a copy of the correspondence to the relevant contact card. Learn more.

Email Automation in Base CRM

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