Real Estate

For Agents

Listing Rover IDX/VOW

Listing Rover™ is a full featured RETS-based solution for real estate agents and brokerages that works with all Websites and is optimized for WordPress. In addition to automated listings, you receive a range of marketing products free charge that will drive traffic to your site and increase sales.


Listing Rover™ is fully compatible with the DDF from CREA. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use listing system, give us a call us today to see how we can help you improve your real estate business.

Visit, our DDF enrollment site.

For Brokers

Team Spirit IDX/VOW for Brokers

Team Spirit™ is designed for brokers looking for a new breed of technology to promote and market their listings. Introduce your team to the power of group buying with a flat-rate data feed service for your entire company. Enjoy deep discounts on marketing products that will help your team excel. In addition, you receive valuable add-ons like company-wide phone support for agents and admins.

A smart, cost-effective solution

  • Your own web server to create an IT profit centre
  • Company wide survey to determine website needs and wants
  • Fully automated listings from your board’s data feed or the CREA DDF
  • Span multiple boards’ RETS for one company (regional brokers)
  • Rich multimedia listings
  • Automated listing submissions for multimedia links
  • Automated syndication through company-owned niche sites
  • Automated social networking updates for all listings
  • Automated agent websites

Call us today for a one-on-one consultation to see how we can help increase sales in your brokerage, lower costs for your agents, and increase your online visibility.

Visit, our DDF enrollment site.