WordPress Websites

Affordable and easy-to-use websites start with WordPress, an open-source content management system that is free, portable, and widely supported.

WordPress was designed for beginners but has the power and flexibility that make it ideal for businesses large and small. An extensive library of free plug-ins and programming modules means that your imagination is the only limit to the website you’ve always wanted.

Why use WordPress?

First, WordPress is free and because of this it has become the standard in easy-to-use website platforms for real estate agents. It offers a simple interface designed for non-techies so you can quickly gain confidence in maintaining your own website. It’s also optimized for search engines with lots of add-on SEO packages. It’s also open source so that the many add-ons and updates can be downloaded for free. For example, adding rental listings to your site is as easy as downloading the module and activating it.

Read about WordPress and the Canadian Real Estate Association Data Distribution Facility (DDF)

Visit, our DDF enrollment site.

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